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Speed up your PC / computer

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Linux LogoWe'll make your new or even old computer

  • better
  • faster
  • more secure
  • more user friendly
  • virus free

at no extra cost, and you'll hate us for not telling you sooner.

If you are really interested, please read on.

This is nothing new and it's been used many times, so why don't you give it a go. It's a simple transfer from your old, trouble full operating system from Microsoft, called Windows. Some of you may like it because over the years you just simply got used to it, but because it is something you think you know, the reality is far from truth. Just think about how many troubles you go through every time you try to do something, how many extra applications you have to install before you can actually use your computer, not mentioning that you need an antivirus and other protection software to keep you "safe". Yes that's right, it does not really keep you safe, it keeps you from old viruses and know "troublemakers" that have been around for sometime, so the antivirus can actually know about them. All the new viruses are just simply getting into your computer without you even realising that something may have happened. Another unwanted data attacking your computer is called ad ware. It's and advertisement of some sort digging into your registry every time you download something, visit some unwanted or wanted website or by installing some free software. Still not convinced ?

Let's see and think for a minute what you actually want from your computer. Is it the constant wondering what can possibly hurt you, or is it your work that you want to get done ? I believe, for most of us it's the work we want to do. So let's focus on something that is called your operating system (Windows). It is the core of your computer to give you the opportunity to use your tools (applications) for your particular work. There would not be MS Word without operating system, there would not be internet without the core of the computer which for you is the operating system called Windows and there wouldn't be any other applications to use without THE Operating System. The Windows is probably most used operating system, because people have been implanted with this Windows since day one, except few of course, but the reality is that most of us struggle with it and don't want to admit it.

Here is the good news, it can be all fixed by replacing your old rusty OS Windows and give you something "new" different and see if that improves your work outcomes, less time spending on the task and no wasting time and money on something that will make your computer "better" just temporarily if at all.

Please contact us for detailed information, so we can help you and get you off all the troubles you are having with your current computer setup.


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