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The best, simplest, fastest, smartest and yet

very powerful backup for Windows XP and newer.


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Simple fast backup


Select a pair of folders and Bvckup 2 will make sure that one stays an exact copy of the other. It is light, uncomplicated and really well designed. It is also incredibly fast.



What's different





Complete backups faster

It does just one simple thing... 

...and it does it really well

The app is very fast at bulk copying and it is even faster at updating. Extensively optimized across the board Bvckup 2 goes out of its way to process every backup as quickly as possible. The app does not compress, encrypt or FTP files. It's not a two-way sync nor does it come with a restore function. It does just one thing - it mirrors A to B.  It's better to excel at one thing than to be average in many. From the nuanced user interface to the high-performance core, the app is built to always favor quality over quantity.



 Application is built for Windows operating systems from XP up
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