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Why not to rush with upgrade to free MS Windows 10

Windows 10 free upgrade icon

Microsoft Windows 10 has arrived and lot of people can not wait to get their hands dirty with the new product. Personally I'm not a fan of Microsoft products thus my information will be a little biased away from it. There are still lot of fans that could not give up Windows OS, but they probably like to suffer with day to day routines of fixing things, scanning for viruses, or simple being careful not to let anything in to their precious windows world on their computer. I know that some businesses have to use Microsoft products simply because their whole business is built around it and I also understand people who love to play games. Well it's all fine and that is the way it is, but please be careful when you hit the free upgrade button because you may not be lucky as other users.

I believe that everyone who uses Windows OS is familiar with a new icon in the taskbar next to your time and date as pictured above.

Not everyone realises that clicking the button is actually similar to opening the gates of hell - if you think it is bit exaggerated then you should talk to my friend. Probably not everyone will agree but I bet it will not be a pleasure ride for lot of Windows users. In past 3 days I had exactly 3 people calling for help where they were dragged into the "FREE" world of Microsoft by clicking the free upgrade button. Not a nice experience for 2 of them and a bit of luck for the last one. 

I can't say it was a huge issue but big enough to give us both headaches. One computer lost the ability to play sound, OK no worries, but the computer is 5-6 years old and there are no drivers for the soundcard for Windows 10. My decision, let's roll back. And the lucky winner is --- the user (actually both of us) because it came back nicely as before and everything was working fine (Windows 7). Other one had trouble with graphic card, the resolution was not simply there, even after downloading latest drivers from NVIDIA (built for Windows 10), so after spending good 2 hours, we had to roll back again. With minor adjustments it was all good as new. Well the last computer didn't like the network card after the upgrade. So again after few tweaks and upgrades of drivers, there was still nothing to be done just to roll back again. Unfortunately it was not the end of story as after rolling back to Windows 7, the network card would still not work and no matter how many times I have tried to reinstall the drivers, tried registry edits and things that came to my mind also with help of internet, the stupid LAN card still wouldn't work. And what do you do if this happens? You probably start blaming yourself for hitting the FREE upgrade button and probably later on you will hate Windows no matter how much you love it.

And this is only my first experience, but as I read on the internet, lot of people are having these issues especially after some Windows 10 updates.

All I want to say, please don't rush to upgrading to Windows 10, it may hit you hard in the place where you least expect it. It will cost you your precious time and maybe money if you need to call some expert who may not know the answer straight away so it will take twice as long to get it fixed if at all. As always the new product is not tailored for all computers and users, it will take some time to get everything fixed and from my experience I can easily say that not everything will get fixed anyway. So if you are happy with you stable Windows 7 or 8 or 8.1 then stay there maybe even until you get your new computer which will come with everything that will keep your Windows 10 stable and usable.

So please call us if you are experiencing problems with your new Windows 10 and we will help you out.

If you have experienced any issues with your upgrade or even it went smoothly, we want to hear about it. Please leave a comment below.



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