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Best free and paid Antivirus

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What is it, how much does it cost and why you may need one ?

Protect your computerThese are the question, I believe, most people are always asking along with: Which antivirus is the best, will it really help? and so on.
First of all, no you don't need one if:

  • you don't have a computer
  • your computer is not connected to internet
  • you never use your USB ports for connecting USB storage
  • your computer is running OS other than MS Windows


I believe most of you know what computer is and use it mainly for internet and have plenty of USB storage. Also still most of you use computers running MS Windows OS, which means most of you actually need an antivirus and I believe you all have one already installed on your computer. But does it really protect your data ? Is it the one you are happy with or was it just preinstalled on your computer when you have bought it ? Also from my experience, most of ordinary computer user have antivirus installed but it probably has expired year or more ago, which is pretty much useless.

So here is the very important question what is the best antivirus for you to use. I would say the best one is always the one that cost you nothing and works. I hope you agree with me.


Best free Antivirus

Kaspersky antivirusThere is probably more free anti viruses than you would know about, and all of them are good, or at least good enough for your protection. The only thing is: which one you like the most and you are happy with. That's a completely your and only choice. So here is a list of the ones I would personally suggest and people are happy with them.




Best recommended free Antivirus

Avast Antivirus


Best paid Antivirus

Android antivirus

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