Unique Approach

No tuning, no registry repairs, no troubles for the future. We'll show you the right directions to avoid any present and future problems.

Fast Response

We keep things straight. Troubleshooting, options and solution. That's the only way to deal with your technology.

Friendly Support

We'll discuss your problems and let you choose the right option without technical words. Instead, friendly solution.

IT support and mobile computer repair in Sunshine Coast


Supporting all Microsoft products, Apple Mac and Linux based computers. Solutions to your network, whole system, applications and hardware. We are taking IT support to the next level by listening to your needs and not focusing only how to fix a particular problem. Our solution to you is far beyond working system. We focus on your ability to work without interruptions whether it is related to a single application problem, network connection issue or a server related glitches. With full ongoing maintenance and remote support we can achieve the perfect solution with excellent outcomes.

Mobile computer repair service

We get it easy for you. No need to come to us, we will simply come to you and do your computer repairs on site. We will do the whole computer and laptop updates and upgrades like RAM upgrade, Hard Drive and SSD upgrade, System update, Anti Virus update and any Operating System related updates and upgrades.

Slow Internet Speed ?

We can speed up your Internet and find a best solution for your Internet needs thus eliminating all your slow Internet speed problems. Even though Increasing the speed of your Internet is not always the easiest but we do our best to direct you to the best Internet services for very reasonable prices.

Computer running slow ?

We can speed up your PC either the standard conventional way or show you a new way of slow computer becoming very fast. This new way of speeding up the old or even new computer is not for everyone so don't be surprised if it's not for you.

Network troubleshooting

Do you believe your network is slow or it's not up to standard ? We can help here too. Network problems range from Operating System faults all the way to the router or modem at your place. Your cabling can cause network speed issues or your network card is not functioning properly. Also your computer can have virus problem or simply the system is not updated or corrupted. There is number of things that can be faulty but don't worry we are here to help.

Linux specialist for your Linux server or Linux desktop

Are you thinking of ditching Microsoft or Apple products? You have landed on the right page. All your Linux distributions are being supported by us. You will love your Linux PC. We will help you setup your own Linux server or desktop either at your home or office. If you like to play games, don't worry you can do it on Linux too. Linux gaming is nothing new, with the right setup it works even better.


Computer Repair all around Sunshine Coast.


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