Mobile computer repair for Windows, Apple and Linux in Sunshine Coast



Mobile computer repair service

Whole computer and laptop updates and upgrades. RAM upgrade, Hard Drive and SSD upgrade, System update, Anti Virus update and any Operating System related updates and upgrades.

Apple, MS Windows or Linux ?

Well experienced in any of them. Just throw it at us and you'll get it fixed.

Slow Internet Speed ?

It might be your line or modem. But don't be surprised if it's your computer slowing it down.

Computer running slow ?

Let's see what's running in your computer that you are not aware of.

Network troubleshooting

There is number of things that can be faulty but don't worry we are here to help.

Linux specialist for your Linux server or Linux desktop

With the right setup it works better.

Supporting all Microsoft products, Apple Mac and Linux based computers. Solutions to your network, whole system, applications and hardware. We are taking IT support to the next level by listening to your needs and not focusing only how to fix a particular problem. Our solution to you is far beyond working system. We focus on your ability to work without interruptions whether it is related to a single application problem, network connection issue or a server related glitches. With full ongoing maintenance and remote support we can achieve the perfect solution with excellent outcomes.


Computer Repairs all around Sunshine Coast.